iilya violet

roots & branches


I grew up in Indian Valley, a small town in the beautiful countryside of Idaho. At a very young age I gained a strong appreciation of nature through the incredible homestead that my parents worked wholeheartedly to create. In 2015 my mother passed away, and some of the most vivid memories that I have are of her diligently tending to her beautiful gardens. She found solace in them and her work, and I now have come full circle to understand how and why. The work of creating with nature, both plant and human forms, and enhancing its innate beauty is something that brings me so much peace and joy. Finding this path and passion in my life is something that happened so naturally that I know it's right where I am meant to be. I have found my home in my work.

I currently live in Port Angeles, Washington with my husband and our fur babies, and we're anticipating the arrival of our first child this spring. We spend as much time as we can adventuring in nature with our pups; hiking, picnicking, and swimming at the lake. We also love to travel, soaking up the inspiring experiences of being immersed in new environments and making new friends.

I am so looking forward to meeting you.