iilya violet
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iilya violet is an event artistry company that specializes in floral design and makeup artistry for any and all occasions.

our goal is to help you to find and bring your visions to life with excitement and ease.

we are passionate about showcasing the authentic and effortless beauty of life through our work, creating experiences that turn into unforgettable moments in time. 


Floral Design


Makeup Artistry



highlighting natural beauty

"I am endlessly inspired by and enamored with the world that we live in. Every little detail is simply stunning. In our everyday lives it's easy to pass these moments and things by without noticing. One of the things that I love the most about my work, is that it allows me to accentuate the beauty of this earth and this life for others in such a way that it couldn't possibly go unappreciated. It shines a lovely light, making those special moments unforgettable. " - Lee


I can't wait to create with you.